New Year’s: Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions: we all know the famous one, “I will lose weight” one. This happens for about a month, maybe even two, and then it’s back to the drawing board. Hell, according to some new studies, this resolution nonsense only lasts for a week.There’s also a REALLY good blog post from Nerd Fitness in regards to resolutions and why they suck/fail:

Well, this year, I’d like to propose some on myself that aren’t the generic “I WILL LOSE WEIGHT” this year goal. Of course I’m going to lose weight, it’s just not the end all goal of the year.
1. Feel more confident about myself and my abilities
I’m self-doubter. I’ve been told otherwise about my interviewing skills, people skills, etc that I’m actually not as bad as I peg myself to be. This year, starting my full-time career, I’m doing my best to become better and less apprehensive.
My first step/goal is to research and practice my chosen profession, administration (and human resources) to  really get a grasp on the subjects I leaned in college. Sure I remember the basics, but there’s a reason why I have those HR textbooks! I’m also using a program to type more efficiently (including 10 key).
2. Find full-time employment
This goes back to the first one. To add, I would also like to STAY at my full-time employment.
3. Try not to be so negative to myself and situations
Things I’m bad at #3874-2: I sometimes think I’m not worthy of certain situations and even relationships with people.
My first step/goal is to find a job…no, scratch that, a career. I’m interviewing and getting my foot in the door, and that’s something I never thought I would have the gumption to do. Yay me!
4. Exercise more often
This is where I lack in enthusiasm: I have a horrible time sleeping and then I wake up feeling lousy and do not want to exercise at all. This has to change!
My first step/goal is to get on a regular sleep schedule. The biggest reason I fail is because I wake up so late. Today I woke up at 2PM! I couldn’t sleep last night and I ended up tossing and turning until 4AM.

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